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Strategy of eradicating tissue from living individuals for diagnostic evaluation. A specimen received by biopsy.

A technique in which computed tomography (CT) scanning is applied to create detailed pictures with the inside from the colon and rectum.

A minimally invasive course of action requires a modest skin puncture or quite confined incision to carry out the intervention, which usually entails the insertion of miniaturized instruments.

A skinny, tube-like instrument with the connected mild plus a lens for viewing the inside on the abdominal cavity.

A spring-loaded gadget that cuts and retrieves a little tissue specimen in its accumulating chamber. It truly is used for biopsy of many different organs in the human body.

A cure for abnormal vaginal bleeding through which the lining of a girl's uterus (called the endometrium) is ruined.

A gland that makes various hormones and secretes digestive enzymes, or proteins that act as a catalyst for that breakdown of foodstuff, with the pancreatic duct that connects the gland into the intestine.

One of two types of momentary brachytherapy, a radiation therapy therapy for most cancers that involves The position of a radioactive substance right inside the body, in or near a tumor, for a specific amount of time after which you can withdrawn.

Therapy intended to be contributory or complementary to Most important therapy. See also definitive procedure.

The Room throughout the peritoneum not occupied by the abdominal organs. In many situation, this House is empty as well as the cavity is collapsed.

A radiation therapy procedure for cancer through which a sealed pellet (or “seed”) total image whita glo side effects that contains radioactive content is permanently placed inside the human body in or close to a tumor.

The motion of a blood clot, piece of tissue, or pocket of air or fuel from in which it forms from the bloodstream until finally it lodges in place, removing the circulation of blood with its oxygen and tissue nutrients.

The removal of all or part of a lymph node to generally be examined underneath a microscope by a pathologist (a medical doctor specializing inside the examination of cells and tissues) to check out if most cancers cells are current.

Involving a single individual as both equally donor and recipient inside of a clinical method like a stem mobile transplant. computerized spring-loaded needle

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